Frequent Questions

When will Jump.Club be done?

I'm not sure. There is still a lot to do. Like, a lot. Currently we are in early preview, which is very early. I hope to have Jump.Club in beta by the end of 2020. But you know how game releases go, so no promises.

Keep an eye on the roadmap to see how things are progressing.

Who is building this?

Pretty much just me, Matt. But check the credits page for more info.

Do you need help?


If you have game dev (art, sound, coding) or web dev experience and are interested in contributing, shoot me an email and let's talk.

But I also need help from enthusiastic platformer players. Do you love kaizo? Making really elaborate Mario Maker levels or ROM hacks? Can you beat Celeste in your sleep? Then I'd love to get your feedback and input. You can email me or come join us on Reddit.

What all will Jump.Club have?

I have more ideas than anyone would care to hear, but here are some of the ideas that are planned

  • Allow really large levels complete with a mapping system so people can build platformer style metroidvanias if they want.
  • Level replays: Not sure how the world record was accomplished? Kick back and watch the run! Level creators can choose to disable this if it might give spoilers away.
  • Level versioning: Realized there's a mistake in your level? Fix it and release a new version. We'll make sure this is done fairly, so people can't pull bait and switches and things like that.
  • Early level feedback: share your level with friends or other creators to get feedback and find problems before publishing it to the world.
  • A very powerful editor: Jump.Club will always be user friendly, but for those who want to really dig in and make very intricate levels, the editor will offer advanced features to make your life much easier. Think things like layers, bulk edit, templates, etc.
  • Knowledge sharing: a place where creators can share new tech and how they make certain contraptions. Let's learn from each other!
  • ... and much more ...

Will I be able to play on PC, mobile, game consoles?

I really hope so.

I have started some initial exploration on building a native Mac, Windows and Linux version of Jump.Club. But that won't be ready for a good while.

Mobile and game consoles are even further out. It'd be great to get there, but one step at a time.

Why is the conveyor, track, cannon, whatever ... so limited?

Because they aren't done yet. Some things work pretty well, and others need a lot more work. Check out the limitations page for more details.

Why is there no music?

Because I am not a musician :)

I just haven't gotten to that yet. The game will for sure have music before it is done. If you are a musician and want to help, shoot me an email.