The bad news is, there's a lot of work to be done. But the good news is, you can help guide us by telling us what you want to see, let's chat on Reddit

I will be tweeting as I build the game. So if you want detailed, behinds the scenes type stuff, that's the place to find it.

treasure map graphic

Level Editor

The tool used to create your levels. You can try it here.
  • doneVertical levels
  • doneSelect, Group select
  • doneKeyboard shortcuts
  • doneGhosts
  • doneUndo, Redo, Clear
  • doneDraw, Fill, Erase, Zoom, Pan
  • not startedGamepad support
  • not startedSubareas
  • and much more...

Game Engine

When playing a level, this is the brain that makes it all work. Built with Godot.
  • doneInteraction System
  • doneBasic Platforming
  • doneBasic Tiles
  • in progressAnimated Tiles
  • in progressPlayer Physics
  • not startedSlopes and hills
  • and much more...


The enemies, items, power ups ... all the "things" inside the game that make it fun. There's going to be many of these to allow everyone's ideas to come to life. The good news is most individual entities don't take too long to make, so we will be rolling new ones out regularly.
  • doneGravity reversal
  • doneCoin
  • doneCannon
  • doneSkrusher
  • in progressConveyor Belts
  • not startedBombs
  • not startedCheckpoints
  • not startedDoors and keys
  • not startedSprings
  • not startedTeleporters
  • and so, so much more...


This is the system that will enable user profiles, searching for levels, rating levels and all of that kind of community related stuff.

Other Platforms

We want to bring Jump.Club to mobile, desktop and even game consoles. But that's a ways off ...
Not Yet Started